Latest Reports

Title Released Date What is the report about?
From Multi-Cultural to Cross-Cultural From Multi-Cultural to Cross-Cultural December 2015 This report presents findings on where ethnic-specific solutions are essential and where “Cross-cultural” solutions can succeed as ethnic groups “cross over” to become “Americanized”. Learn More >
Build My Magic Box  Build My Magic Box  September 2015 The report gives insight into how brands and retailers can rise to meet the changing expectations of shoppers and the expectations being created from their experiences in the changing world overall, and from the world of shopping online. Learn More >
Take Charge of Your Omni-Channel Destiny Take Charge of Your Omni-Channel Destiny April 2015 Shopping websites and their accomplice, digital marketing, have upset the once natural order of retail and shoppers have fewer boundaries for what they will or won't buy online. The report helps you bring order to the chaos and take charge of the Omni-Channel world. Learn More >