Latest Reports

Title Released Date What is the report about?
The Power ofThe Xtreme The Power ofThe Xtreme March 2018 The powerful shopper segments who are extreme in their passion for a lifestyle around Health or Food or Shopping are profiled in this report. Learn More >
Shopping Boom Time Shopping Boom Time December 2017 In this report are detailed insights that support a boom in retail spending is on its way. Our Shopping Confidence metrics are trending positive, and people are spending more of their time shopping. In fact, browsing is becoming an addiction -- again. Learn More >
Goodbye Routine!Hello New Trips Goodbye Routine!Hello New Trips October 2017 The ‘newest normal’ is not what retailers or brands would like it to be, but adapting to this new Shopping Life® is the only way that sales will grow. Learn More >
The Shoppers' Guide to Restructure Retail The Shoppers' Guide to Restructure Retail May 2017 Retail and Brand Marketing have been forever disrupted by Digital Tools that have re-shaped trips. However, these Digital Tools are also the foundation of how to restructure retail – and will lead to retail recovery. Learn More >