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Future of Health Care at Retail

Seeing the future is easy if you ask the right questions of the right people
  • what was up

    The pharmaceutical industry has traditionally relied on detailing prescription drugs to doctors. However, our client, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies, recognized that pharmacy departments and clinics in retail stores were becoming more important to shoppers for health care services, including writing prescriptions for its drugs.

  • what we knew

    We were able to use How America Shops® information to brief our client on the shoppers’ acceptance of health care services in retail stores.  With this information to confirm their assumptions, we recommended interviewing executives at retail chains to hear their vision of the future of healthcare at retail, and how they wanted pharmaceutical companies to help them develop their vision. 

  • what we did

    • First, we reviewed 5 years of How America Shops® trend data around the expanding role of retail stores in healthcare services, and presented this to our client.  
    • Next step was to interview members of our Retail Executive Panel who were thought leaders in driving the future of health care to retail stores.
    • We learned where each executive saw opportunity in health care, how they evaluated  our client and sales team and how they wanted to partner in the future. 
    • Analysis of these interviews identified areas where our client could help the stores manage their expanded services, and give our client a valued role in retail stores.

  • how we did

    • Our client expanded its retail sales force to support the chains with more timely pharmacist education, and programs that link their drugs to health events retailers are promoting.
    • Our client has asked us to conduct follow up interviews one year after the expansion of its retail sales team to evaluate the retailers’ satisfaction with the new services and their creative partnership surrounding health care at retail.