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Collaborative Innovation Works

We facilitated innovation with key stakeholders and global shoppers
  • what was up

    A global manufacturer of product ingredients wanted to build a stronger relationship with a leading beauty company. And it wanted to be seen as an innovator amongst its competitors.

  • what we knew

    Our client had a really smart, creative marketing and sales team, in addition to its extraordinary product developers. One way we knew the company could separate itself from the pack of suppliers in the field was to leverage its marketing skills...not just its R&D talents.

  • what we did

    Together we developed an intense two-day innovation session that included:

    • Analysis of category and shopper trends in key regions around the world -- important markets for the beauty brand
    • Ideation sessions to build new product ideas for the beauty brand. We facilitated the sessions with combined teams of our client's executives and those of the beauty company
    • Development of new product concepts, including product names, creative messaging and brand imagery
    • Real-time online research with consumers in the US, Russia and Brazil to test the concepts. Concepts were tested overnight and results presented to the teams the next day.

  • how we did

    The teams developed 12 new product concepts. Based on the consumer research five concepts were selected as high potential and given to the beauty company for further development. Several became the basis for new products launches.

    Our client developed a much deeper relationship with the beauty manufacturer. Working together in teams throughout the intense process enhanced the bond between the two companies' executives. The innovative process and the quality of the test concepts ensured our client was viewed as a real innovator and partner worth having.