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#1 Partner to Retailers

What more could you ask!
  • what was up

    New management at a leading pharmaceutical corporation wanted the company to be a thought leader with retailers. But they had a lot of issues, and didn't know how to get there. They called us.

  • what we knew

    First, we conducted in-depth interviews with senior sales management to hear its goals and woes, and to build support within the organization.

  • what we did

    Then we developed a probing discussion guide (really probing), and interviewed senior and mid-tier executives at the company's top 10 accounts. Year 1 was tough. The retailers were blunt. But our client was brave. Its management acted upon our recommendations for sales team training, and our specific account-by-account action steps.

  • how we did

    Their sales team went from low tolerance scores to winning #1 Partner Awards at CVS in just two years, and gained 20%-40% increases in ratings over all accounts in three years.

    "If the improvement that we saw in its sales team over the last year is an example of your [WSL/STRATEGIC RETAIL] effectiveness, then I'm impressed and you should be very proud of your work."
    - Category Manager, Baby & Oral Care, CVS -