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A Successful British Beauty Invasion

We helped them develop their distribution strategy
  • what was up

    Boots The Chemist, the UK retailer, wanted to launch its iconic Boots No 7 beauty brand and others in the US -- but decided not to open its own stores. The question, where to launch? Management believed department stores were the right place because they had beauty advisors.

  • what we knew

    We did not agree. Instead we recommended newly emerging "masstige" distribution based on: our analysis and understanding of the Boots culture, US business culture, US beauty shoppers, brand perception mapping, and retail executive interviews. We recommended a test in two different channels/retailers -- Target and CVS.

  • what we did

    The test helped Boots validate the brand and financial opportunities by channel. It rolled out in Target stores nationally, where today it has a multi-million dollar business -- and had the effect of permanently "upscaling" the beauty department.

  • how we did

    "The distribution strategy for Boots in the U.S. needed the sharp insight and candid assessment that you are so good at. You were able to match our brand culture to the right channel. We've built a multi-million dollar business at Target as a result."
    - Global Director -