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Fast emersion into digital retailing

We helped our client get up to speed fast on what works & doesn’t
  • what was up

    One of the largest CPG manufacturers was alarmed at the speed at which mobile/digital innovations were changing retail. To develop its own strategies it needed to quickly and effectively understand and assess new digital trends and tools impacting shopping life, including what worked and didn’t.

  • what we knew

    The most effective way to understand how tools change the path to purchase is to wear a “shopper hat”. We had to get these teams out of their offices and onto the selling floor to experience and assess digital retail innovations first hand.

  • what we did

    We took them on a Retail Safari® - a proprietary tool designed to immerse the group in how digital/mobile tools were influencing the shopping journey.

    • WSL/SR kicked off the event with a short, sharp trend presentation to set the context, followed by a 4-hour tour of stores in Atlanta.
    • Equipped with a smartphone, pre-loaded apps, and a Retail Safari® guidebook, each participant was sent on a scavenger hunt through each store to experience how price comparison apps, peer reviews, QR codes, retailer apps, and gaming apps impacted their own shopping journey.
    • The guidebook included thought-provoking questions to get them thinking creatively, and was a vehicle to capture activation ideas.
    • At the end of the day, all 50 participants regrouped to debrief what they learned, the implications for its business, and ideas for their own innovation.

  • how we did

    In just 4 hours, the Innovations Team were engaged in the topic, empowered with knowledge, and encouraged to innovate. The event was repeated 3 times for different audiences within the organization.