How Canada Shops®

To grow your business in Canada, you need to know your shoppers in Canada
This NEW How Canada Shops® benchmark quantitative study will help you build your Canadian business by bringing you a better understanding of Canadian shoppers.

This NEW report will help you understand...

  • The differences between Canadian shoppers and US shoppers to see where the nuances lie.
  • Across all major retail channels, from Department Stores to Drug, Dollar, Grocery, Mass, Online and more.
  • The differences between Canadian Walmart Shoppers and US Walmart shoppers to develop country-specific strategies.
  • An overview of the retail landscape, including photos and commentary of leading and innovative retailers.

Report topics...

  • Channels Shopped in Last Week and Last 3 Months 

  • Attitudes Toward Shopping and Spending

  • Shopping Behaviors In General, By Food and Beauty 

  • Attitudes Toward Value of Name Brands

  • Impact of Gas Prices on Spending

  • Health & Wellness Mindset and Behaviors

  • Shopping Technology/Mobile

  • Technology/Social Media Impacting the Buying Process