How America Shops®

MegaTrends 2014

For 25 years, our How America Shops® MegaTrends study has been an instrumental tool for helping brands and retailers predict shoppers' attitudes and behaviors. The MegaTrends Study has been published biannually since 1989.
This 14th edition shows how the 99% of the population is redefining the American Dream of upward mobility. Millions of shoppers are resizing their dream, compromising by category, brands and retailers.

Here's some of what you will learn in THE AMERICAN DREAM - REMIXED...

  • Brands and Retailers are challenged. Learn which categories shoppers are willing to spend more on - and not - and which new paths they're finding to get what they want.
  • New shopper classes have formed. Understand how to engage the new classes of
  • The established hierarchy of categories, brands and retailers is gone. Learn where your brand or store fits, and how to stay on the shoppers’ list.
  • “Value” defines the American Dream – but what is “value”? Learn the new, multi-faceted, definition of value, and how to deliver it.
  • Technology enables access to the American Dream. Recognize the signs that will move your category or
    retail format into technology-dependent shopping.
  • Millennials will change retail, forever. A deep dive into Millennials and shopping for the American dream will show you the future of retail.
This study is a MUST READ for anyone who needs to stimulate growth in a "me first" retail market.