How America Shops®


For 25 years, our How America Shops® MegaTrends study has been an instrumental tool for helping brands and retailers predict shoppers' attitudes and behaviors. The MegaTrends Study has been published biannually since 1989.
This 15th biennial MegaTrends survey is a must read for anyone whose role it is to understand where American shoppers will spend next, and what to do about it. 

This survey uncovers how and where American shoppers are spending as the economy improves. They now spend more across an eclectic mix of things, from categories to retailers to experiences, that reflect their new passion for an easier, more responsible and happier life. Which means your competitive set has changed because they are no longer only spending on “stuff”.

Here is some of what you will learn in “Buying Happiness”:

  • What is different about this recovery that has many shoppers reluctant to return to traditional consumption and spending.

  • What shoppers now expect of retailers and brands in their search for Happiness.

  • How shoppers rate retailers on making them “Feel Good” (i.e., happy).
  • Retailers and categories that are winning and losing, and why.

  • How brands fare in the shoppers’ quest for Happiness.

  • Which shoppers are driving the changes, and how to connect with them.

  • Where digital, including Amazon, fits in the search for Happiness.