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How is a consulting project started and organized?

Our process is carried out in three steps:

  • Step 1: We have a conversation. Together we will determine your challenge, the questions that need to be answered, the work you’ve done so far and your definition of success.
  • Step 2: We customize a proposal that includes a step-by-step map of how we’ll get there. It’s basically a strategic menu, with timing and fees.
  • Step 3: We collaborate with you throughout the process to ensure the outcome is successful.
What is the difference between shoppers and consumers?

Shoppers are your ins-store and online visitors who purchase your goods and brands. The consumer is the person who ultimately uses those goods, so it can be a child, friend or other family member who eats the foods, wears the clothing or takes the medication purchased by the shopper. There is overlap, of course, because consumers also research goods and compare retailers and brands, thereby influencing many shopper decisions.

Who are WSL’s clients?

If you have a shopper or consumer issue that needs resolution or even fine-tuning, you can be a WSL client. Retailers, brands and service providers across virtually all channels and categories, including the burgeoning wellness sector, come to us for shopper and retail research, insights and innovations so they can build better growth strategies. Find out more here.

What are the different ways I can work with WSL?

WSL’s portfolio of services include advisory consulting, retail immersions via our Retail Safaris®, one-to-one consultations, custom workshops and presentations, Retail Executive Panels and predictive shopper intelligence research. All of these services can be curated to your needs, and we keep you in the innovation loop with our WSL subscription. If you want to work for the shopper and/or consumer, we have a way to work with you. Learn more here.

What does a WSL shopper and retail insights contract include?

When you become a client with WSL, you gain access of all of our proprietary services and research stemming from our qualitative and quantitative shopper insights across categories and channels. This includes our research products, including our How America Shops® national surveys, Retail Safari® reports and videos, case studies, Future Shop podcasts, workshops and more. And we can work directly with you to build the best strategies for a more profitable tomorrow. Visit our “Get Started” page to learn more.

What business problems does WSL typically solve?

Thanks to our retail research and regular interviews with industry experts, we have insights that can be applied to pretty much any challenge that involves the shopper and consumer. This can include how and where shoppers make their purchase choices, current and predictive shopper sentiments and what your key competitors are up to. These are not one-size-fits all solutions – we can customize our services to tackle the problem you want solved. Learn more here.

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