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Take a world tour of the retail innovations that inspire new thinking.  Here’s WSL’s Hot List of the best innovations our Retail Safari® global scouts have recently uncovered.

Uniqlo – SoHo, NY

While Mother’s Day 2024 has come and gone, Uniqlo has set a standard for retailers honoring moms (& dads) moving forward. Mom-friendly items were discounted and highlighted throughout the store, shoppers also received free greeting cards and carnation boutonnieres. Those making purchases of over $100 were gifted travel pouches.

Ana Luisa – New York, NY

The first carbon-neutral jewelry brand, Ana Luisa, opened their first store experience in Soho featuring dedicated vanity stations and a ball pit with gifts for customers. The vintage wall phone allows customers to “ring for bling” and listen to advice on how to style their timeless pieces.

Target – Brooklyn, NY

Target has made it easy to remember this allergy season - one most shoppers forget until we are sneezing excessively - with the fan-favorite medication easy to grab at the front of the pharmacy. Shoppers can compare brand names to Target’s Up&Up while shopping for the whole family.

Mrs. Meyer’s Compassion Store – New York, NY

In the second year of their Lot of Compassion program, Mrs. Meyer’s opened a pop-up focused on compassion - where acts like calling a loved one or supporting a small business with a positive review could be exchanged for items like a bouquet or Compassion Flower Hand Soap.

Dollar Tree – Clifton, NJ

Summer is here, and Dollar Tree has made hosting a barbeque easier - allowing shoppers to pick up decor like tablecloths and themed kitchen towels, and essentials like paper plates, lighters, and cooking accessories. Next to the display, Father’s Day cards are stationed here as an additional grab.

Selfridges – London, England

This department store has taken to humor to break the ice and welcome customers into the store. This window display includes clown shoes with a sign “can you spot your ex’s shoes?” Whether the customer goes in to shop or not, they leave with a laugh thanks to Selfridges.

F1 Store – Online

Father’s Day is not celebratory for everyone as it can be a hard holiday for many. The Formula 1 brand sent an email allowing subscribers to opt out of Father’s Day-related notifications - a simple yet, thoughtful way to make customers feel comfortable this season while still receiving other communication and not unsubscribing altogether.

Halara – New York, NY

One of the most popular brands on Tik-Tok, Halara, took to brick-and-mortar for the first time with a pop-up store. The inexpensive, chic athleisure company allowed returning and curious, new customers to look and feel the items before investing. The pop-up leaned into the ever-growing Pickleball phenomenon that is sweeping all generations.

Retail Safari® What it is, How it works.

What is a Retail Safari®? We bring you retail innovation and inspiration from around the world, every day.

Retail Safari® is WSL’s proprietary process (yes, it‘s trademarked) that immerses your organization in places you may not think to look for innovation.  You will find inspiration from around the world for strategies and programs that will set you apart and help you grow.

It’s a one-stop resource grounded in our proprietary shopper and retail insights, supported with innovation processes and toolkits that an exciting culture of creative thinking that boldly drives your growth. All powered by WSL’s retail research insights and tailored to your goals.

We customize our Retail Safaris® to your needs.

We curate the best-in-class global retail concepts (physical and digital) based on emerging trends we identify in our shopper research that predict the future of your retail. Our scouts around the world continuously assess what’s new and why it’s relevant. We can customize themes to your specific needs and we deliver all this to you any way you want it. To fit your budget.

Virtual Retail Safari®

We inspire you and your teams with regular curated deliveries to your inbox of what’s next at retail. No need to leave your desk. Or we can bring the Retail Safari® to you in a virtual session where you have opportunities to ask questions, discuss and build ideas, conveniently.

Retail Safari® In a Box

Call it the DIY Safari. We develop everything for you and package it up so you can conduct your own in-market Retail Safari® but with all our guidance and inspiration behind the scenes.

Retail Safari® Photo Library

We catalog all our tours by trend, topic, and category, so you have ongoing access to imagery. Ideal for teams to use for program inspiration, joint business planning, and thought leadership meetings with customers, for internal strategy sessions or corporate training. Housed in our WSL library, it’s easily accessible and customizable.

Retail Safari® Live

We create a live, in-person event, in a market, customized to your specific issues or topics. Our experts collaborate with you to identify the subject, identify and scout the market, build out the tour, and unique tools to inspire before, during, and after the event.  Plus, a framework and action steps that deliver bold, differentiated shopper and retail solutions.

Our proprietary Retail Safaris® empower you to anticipate the future of retail through emerging, relevant retail concepts from around the world.

Our Retail Safaris® bring amazing retail concepts to you, in easy-to-follow visual reports, video streams, in person events, and more. From New York to London, from China to California, our scouts continuously search out the latest retail innovations often in most surprising forms – so you’re prepared for what’s next.

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