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Big Business of WELL|April 08, 2019

The Big Business of WELL Initiative

There is an accelerating social movement underway that demands more than a “business-as-usual” approach to wellness.

Consumers now expect everything they buy to somehow contribute to their overall wellbeing.  This presents bigger opportunities for companies already established in health care…but it has also encouraged new competitors.

Agile innovators are re-inventing categories and services to deliver ingenious and convenient healthy choices. 

Ask yourself:
As consumers spend more to be well, can I lead my company to move beyond our traditional business to meet the new consumer view of being WELL?


Begin Here:

WSL’s The Big Business of WELL is a multi-faceted solution designed to help retailers, brands and service companies change their cultures to take advantage of this emerging opportunity.


[ 1 ] White Paper

Understand the local and global opportunity. Download The Whitepaper


[ 2 ] Global Research

Defining the new attitudes towards wellbeing, and help you prioritize the opportunities. Get The Highlights


[ 3 ] WELL Retail Safari®

Be inspired during a tour of retail and service innovators in cities around the world [ real-time or virtual ].


[ 4 ] Big Business of WELL Alerts

Stay informed about the innovators who are activating WELL by launching  products, services, and retail space to capture consumer spending on wellness. Listen to WSL interviews with futurists who will lead WELL to the new space. Sign Up For Big Business of WELL Alerts


[ 5 ] WELL Leadership Events

NACDS TSE - How To Get Your Share of “The Big Business of WELL” 
Presented by Wendy Liebmann, CEO - WSL Strategic Retail
12:30PM - 2:00PM  //  August 24, 2019 [ Boston, MA ]  Join Now

[ 6 ] WELL Futurists

Hear industry futurists describe the emerging WELL market.


[ 7 ] Workshops

WSL will run an inspiring and action driven workshop tailored to address individual company needs. What do you need to do to be sure your company is part of the new wellness culture.

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