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Does WSL conduct retailer evaluations?

We do, regularly. In addition to our Retail Safari® immersions and retail walk-throughs, we perform extensive in-person client/executive interviews. And for added context, we’ve established a Retail Executive Panel – made up of forward-thinking industry leaders across categories – to collect objective details of what’s changing among their shoppers and suppliers, and maybe even you. Learn more here.

What results can I expect from working with WSL?

Rather than tell you, we can show you. Our case studies document the work we’ve accomplished with retailers and brands from around the globe. These studies reveal the territories we explore and the provocative Shopping Life™ experiences in which we immerse our clients, to inspire bold, shopper-first execution plans. You can read them here.

How does WSL help us identify new category growth opportunities?

Our advisory consulting experts research and work with a spectrum of retailers and brands to identify not just new categories, but new white spaces, distribution channels, innovations and compelling retail partnerships. All with a focus on profitable growth. We complement these insights with our proprietary tools, including our How America Shops® surveys, WSL Retail Safaris®, retail executive interviews, team workshops and presentations. Find out more here.

How does WSL conduct its How America Shops® research?

The fine details of the methodology behind our How America Shops® reports is proprietary , but we can tell you that each survey can take days or weeks to complete and includes at least 1,000 survey respondents drawn from a nationally representative online sample. All surveys are performed online. You can learn more about our Shopper Research here.

What is a WSL Retail Safari®?

A Retail Safari® is our proprietary tool designed to get participants out of the office and into the retail world to stimulate thinking and discover new innovations they can translate to their business.

Unlike a typical “shop-along” by which a consulting representative follows a member of your team, our Retail Safari® consultants lead you and your organization into new, unexpected spaces. With our scouts guiding the way, we immerse you in places where you’d not think to go for innovation and make them available in video and print. And if you want us to send a scout to explore your stores for opportunities or to address challenges, we can do that, too. In short, our Safaris are a one-stop, continuous resource of creative thinking, brought to life. Find the right Retail Safari® for you here.

Does WSL perform custom research projects?

Yes, all the time. We can work with you to tailor our shopper intelligence and proprietary research methodologies to meet your now and next needs, using our continuously updated consumer data, insights and immersions. Find more of what we can do for you on our Get Started page and Case Studies.

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