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Podcast|May 21, 2020

Future Shop Podcast - EP 03: What is the Future of Retail in a COVID-19 World?

In this episode:

Helena Foulkes, former CEO of Hudson’s Bay Co (Saks Fifth Avenue), president of CVS Health and current Home Depot board member talks frankly to Wendy Liebmann about the future of retail, winners and losers, silver linings and how to lead in a crisis. 

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What’s the Future Shop Podcast with WSL all about?  

Our podcast focuses on how shoppers are transforming retail and what you need to do about it.

Retail strategist and shopping futurist Wendy Liebmann shares her passionate, unvarnished shopper-centric view of where retail is headed. She interviews experts in retail, marketing, insights, design, education, and more. And she and the WSL team regularly share excerpts from WSL’s latest proprietary shopper research about what’s coming next.

The Future Shop Podcast is a no-holes barred view of what shoppers want, what you need to deliver, who’s getting it right, and who’s getting it wrong. And why. In this fast and furious view you will begin to understand how to anticipate the future that’s emerging right under your nose.

WSL Strategic Retail is a leader in shopper insights and retail strategy. It helps clients around the world anticipate change in order to grow in the near and longer term. It is recognized for its ground-breaking How America Shops® and How the World Shops research.

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Podcast Transcript 

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