Shoppers’ Economy and How They’ve Learned to Cope

Future now future next 2024 volume 1 main banner
Future Now Future Next — Volume 1 [ 2024 ] The shopper is feeling more financially secure (or are they?) but the population is shifting. This Future Now Future Next delivers input for your new retail strategy. Our latest shopper insights – at your fingertips Our national How America Shops® surveys explain what’s driving shopping ... Read more

Seismic Population Shifts Demand New Retail Strategies

Seismic Population Shifts banner
In this study we present a look at how the changing demographics and household types in America affect shoppers’ behaviors. We look at the traditional How America Shops® measures of financial comfort and see security rebound from where it was at the end of 2023 to be more in line with where it’s been in ... Read more

The New Journey to Wellness: A Retail Opportunity

Future Now Future Next Volume 4 main banner featuring smiling young woman looking at a pill bottle and browsing on her laptop
Future Now Future Next — Volume 4 [ 2023 ] Innovations and conversations around men and women's health is being led by online sites that are willing to address taboo topics like menopause and erectile dysfunction. The Future Next is for retailers and brands to find discrete ways to address these topics in store aisles, ... Read more

Shoppers Say… It’s Their Economy

Future Now Future Next Volume 3 main banner featuring couple stressing over finances
Future Now Future Next — Volume 3 [ 2023 ] While economists claim the economy is better, what shoppers care about is their personal economy. In Future Not Future Next we explore how 77% of shoppers are coping with financial anxiety, the 64% who feel high prices will still go higher on everything from groceries ... Read more

Paradox of the New Shopping World

Paradox of the New Shopping World banner featuring mirrored image of a woman looking at contrasting word groups relating to retail
In this report you will learn the impact of the paradox that is driving permanent change in retail as shoppers cope by creating their own solutions. Paradox #1: Inflation still roars: Low income are frugal out of necessity and higher income “just in case”! Paradox #2: More is Less: More channels to shop, retailers to spend, ... Read more

Leading Shoppers from Troubles to Joy

Troubles to Joy HAS Report banner featuring JOY in large letters and collage of troubles from previous years
The pandemic was the catalyst for what the Irish call the “Troubles” that expanded to social and political unrest, the erosion of trust in the tools we use for shopping, and what started as inflation shoppers now feel is a permanent price correction. This report updates the shopping and social behaviors changed by permanent inflation. ... Read more

Shoppers Say: Inflated Prices are Here to Stay

Shopper looking at long receipt banner
Shoppers are adjusting their shopping behaviors and budgets for the long haul as 90% expect the high inflation prices they are experiencing today to be around for a long time to come. Over 2/5 of shoppers are cutting back on how they spend in order to cover their basic bills like utilities and housing and groceries, with adjustments that ... Read more

The Next Wellness Frontier

Will WELLness ever mean the same thing again? So much disruption: digital access, shifting trust, more products, more services… but the pandemic was not the only catalyst for change. In this report we sort out the opportunities for The Next WELLness Frontier. The Next Frontier of WELLness will be defined by new strategies: Fragmented categories: It ... Read more

Struggling Shoppers!

This report is the second in our series designed to give retailers and brands a better understanding of the impact of rising prices on shoppers - their demographics, buying behaviors and the changes they’ve made - so that you will be equipped to meet their shopping needs and budget. No shopper left behind. In our ... Read more

The Role of the Store in Retail 5.0

The Role of the Store in Retail 5.0 Banner featuring shoppers at the mall with digital connection icons overlaid
The self-serve store has not changed since the 1950s. Tweaks have been made but the basic format of walking the aisles, squinting at the shelves to find the right item, and then waiting in line to pay has not changed in 3/4 of a century. The pandemic has drawn retailers’ attention to honing online ordering ... Read more

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