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WSL will guide your company to compete in the new era of WELL.  The social movement to live healthy means shoppers expect health benefits in everything they buy -- and innovative products and services are responding.  By spending differently shoppers are rapidly transforming the dynamics of the ‘healthcare’ business.

Walmart Health Center

Future Shop Podcast & Retail Safari®

Have you listened to our recent Podcast? Wendy Liebmann interviews Matthew Parry, Senior Director II of Customer Experience at Walmart Health & Wellness, about how the largest retailer in the world is disrupting everyday health care. In this video, we take you on a Retail Safari® to show you two Walmart Health Center in Georgia. Listen to the full episode.

Matthew Parry, Walmart Health & Wellness

Clip from our Big Business of WELL Symposium

Watch this exclusive clip from our Big Business of WELL Symposium where Matt Parry shares Walmart's success formula when opening their new Health & Wellness Concept. Listen to our updated conversation with Matt, on our Future Shop Podcast.

How America Shops® Caring Scores

Retailers Scores from our
Big Business of WELL Report

Corporate Kindness, and Caring, must be immediate. Today, shoppers are responding to acts of generosity with pleasant surprise, but quickly those reactions will transition into expectations. By tomorrow, retailers and brands that are not putting their workers and shoppers before profit will be the bad guys.

The WELL Workstream

Call to Action to Start Now

We are bringing The Big Business of WELL Symposium on the road offering a one hour summary of it to your organization.  Sharing the key messages will help your colleagues appreciate the need to view WELL as consumers see it – even if that means changing how you go to market. The content will include video clips from the terrific roster of speakers who shared their WELL strategy during the presentations.

WELL Retail Safari®

Tour WELL Retail Innovations
Around the World

Wherever you travel, take time to see how retail space is being transformed to present health and wellness. Retail Safari® maps are available for New York City, Boston, San Francisco and Chicago with more coming soon.

WELL Insights & Reports

The Latest Shopper Insights to Activate The Big Business of WELL

People’s expectations are that every product and service they buy will help them be WELL, which opens the competition for WELL beyond the traditional categories of Food, Nutrition, Doctors, and Medications. This How America Shops® The Big Business of WELL Report tells you if you can imagine a new role for your company, if you can create a culture that will stretch your vision, then you will share in The Big Business of WELL.

Learn what makes South Korea an opportunity in The Big Business of WELL: U.S. & South Korea Report. This is a study published in collaboration with The Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute in Switzerland.

On the Road to Being WELL
After traveling from Zürich to Copenhagen to London, from Houston to Chicago, and points in between, our CEO & Chief Shopper, Wendy Liebmann, shares how consumers, shoppers and retailers are activating The Big Business of WELL. 

The New Health Store Report
As shoppers expand their circle of trusted health care providers, both established chains and CBD innovators want to be first to reimagine how to deliver wellness products, services, information and experiences. As we write this, retail continues to change – so stay tuned for updates.

The Self-Care Tsunami Report
Fix your teeth, your eyes, your health…and do it yourself. Today, time is the new currency and self-care is more efficient than a trip to the doctor; so it’s not surprising to see a tsunami of new services that remove the middle man, aka the doctor. 

Fast & Furious World of WELL
Talk about WSL’s Big Business of WELL.  We told you it was arriving in fast and furious fashion.  Never a truer word was said as America’s largest retailers revealed recently.

Best In Class Beauty & Wellness Retail Report
The Boots heritage is a drugstore and beauty store, and as the lines between beauty and wellness become more blurred, this new Boots space checks all the boxes of wellness retailing, and creates an ecosystem that is stress-free for the shopper.

Commoditization of Mental Health Report
Mental Health is in the spotlight today as new services allow people to easily access mental health support as part of their overall wellness goals. As a result of this, the patient now becomes the shopper, seeking to discover the best digital platform to incorporate into their mental wellness.

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