Boots Beauty – A Look Inside

Boots Beauty Retail Safari main banner of storefront
Boots is a U.K. beauty retailer and pharmacy chain that operates 2,100 stores, ensuring that 85% of the U.K. population is within 10-minutes of one of its store. Over the past three years, Boots has been elevating its in-store beauty experience by renovating over 170 of its beauty halls. This report explores the first solo ... Read more

Don’t Whisper! Shout Your Values

Don't Whisper Shout Your Values report banner featuring colorful collage of retail values examples
Half of shoppers are committed to their values, especially Millennials, who are driving this change and expect brands to deliver on sustainability. Retailers and brands need to help shoppers find their values in the store and online. In this Retail Safari®, we help you get started with: Inspiration from retailers and brands who are "shouting" ... Read more

Women’s Health: How Innovators are Helping Women Take Control

Women's Health Retail Safari Banner featuring diverse group of smiling women with feminine wellness icons over a pink background
Women’s health has expanded its reach for conditions and easy access, propelled by internet-driven conversations, digital solutions, and DTC brands willing to showcase formerly taboo topics. In this Retail Safari®, we reveal: Innovators helping women take control of their health with easy access and less stress Convenient tools like virtual check-ups, support groups, and affordable ... Read more

Smart Space: Next-Gen Department Stores & Brand Pop-Up Shops

Smart Space Retail Safari main banner featuring three storefronts of UGG, Kohl's, and Bloomies
As retailers and brands downsize and use their space more creatively, what categories, themes, and experiences are making the cut? In this Retail Safari®, we identify the key themes that brands and retailers are using to make these hard decisions. Each is creating emotional platforms that respond to what shoppers want: fast shopping mixed with ... Read more

The Power of Two

The Power of Two Report Banner featuring Kohl's x Sephora storefront
Retailers and brands are discovering new ways to join forces with each other to expand reach, deepen shopper loyalty, elevate the overall shopping experience - and encourage more store visits and more items in the basket. The retailers and brands that we present here have built an ecosystem of partners that leverage each other’s strengths, ... Read more

Ulta at Target

Ulta at Target – Report Banner featuring Ulta section in Target
Convenient, easy shopping at Target has joined forces with the brands and beauty expertise at ULTA. This store-in-store concept brings prestigious ULTA brands to Target, adds an ULTA beauty advisor, offers fast hand-held checkout, a linked Target-ULTA rewards program, creates a destination to bring more shoppers into Target – and introduces ULTA to more shoppers. A win for all! Contact us for more: Alexandra Chilicki ... Read more

The Pandemic Wellness Opportunity

We are in the midst of a health crisis in which 73% of shoppers are living in fear of getting sick. Desperate times mean big opportunities for retailers – yet surprisingly, we have not seen retailers act boldly or quickly on this shopper need. On this Retail Safari®, we show you the few retailers who are helping shoppers ... Read more

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