Categories Reimagined: Discover NEW!

Free Retail Safari report banner featuring collage of retail innovators
Click the link and launch a free tour of how a Retail Safari® can satisfy your shopper’s quest for finding something new in a retail store. In this free innovation tour: The physical store is the discovery zone where most shoppers go to find something new, stock-up on groceries or find an item they need right ... Read more

Unlocking the Door to [Shopper] Happiness

Unlocking the Door to Shopper Happiness Retail Safari banner featuring happy mixed race family in grocery store
As shoppers adapt to life post-Pandemic, and grapple with the effects of inflation, retailers and brands should think about how they can enhance shoppers’ happiness and overall wellbeing. In this Retail Safari®, we reveal: Insights from our How America Shops® reports that reveal what shoppers believe contributes to a happy life Three different retail formats ... Read more

Seasonal Shopping: Winning Frugal, Busy Shoppers

Our new How America Shops® report, Paradox of the New Shopping World, reveals that 88% of shoppers agree that the prices they are paying today are here to stay. As a result, 85% are cutting spending to pay for the basics or being cautious about what they spend. As shoppers hunt down seasonal items for ... Read more

Paths to Beauty: Eyes Everywhere…

Paths to Beauty Retail Safari Banner featuring abstract repeated line paths connecting circular images of online beauty, grocery store beauty beverages, and in-store apparel and beauty products
This Retail Safari® brings you innovators, both brands and retailers, who are delivering what the next generation of shoppers expect: convenience, personalization, and discovery. Will it stop with beauty? Is your category next? In this Retail Safari®, we identify: Convenient solutions like dual-purpose cosmetics for everyone and channels to discover the best in beauty Innovators ... Read more

Shopping Made Easier: The Best Shopping Tools, Brands & Retail Formats

Easy Shopping Retail Safari Banner featuring smiling woman browsing pre-made store meals
Convenience is a major influencer in shopping behavior and a value that retailers and brands must shout to shoppers. In this Retail Safari®, we reveal: What shoppers are doing to make their Shopping Life easier – and how smart retailers and brands are responding Buzz-worthy digital tools making headlines now like AI Solution-oriented brands and ... Read more

How to Attract Shoppers During a “Permanent” Price Correction

Price Correction Retail Safari banner featuring smiling grocery shopper and icons depicting money, coupons, health, and digital overlaid in green
91% of shoppers say that rising prices are not transient inflation, but they expect that prices on groceries will stay at 2023 levels (or go higher)[1]. In this Retail Safari®, we identify: 16 examples of retailers, brands, and digital platforms helping shoppers live within their stretch budget Examples in food and beverage (plus some in ... Read more

Smart Space: Next-Gen Department Stores & Brand Pop-Up Shops

Smart Space Retail Safari main banner featuring three storefronts of UGG, Kohl's, and Bloomies
As retailers and brands downsize and use their space more creatively, what categories, themes, and experiences are making the cut? In this Retail Safari®, we identify the key themes that brands and retailers are using to make these hard decisions. Each is creating emotional platforms that respond to what shoppers want: fast shopping mixed with ... Read more

Walmart: The “Time Well Spent” Experience

In January 2022, Walmart launched the Time Well Spent experience in its incubator location in Springdale, AR. Enhanced physical elements (i.e., lighting and signing to support wayfinding), human elements (i.e., immersive displays), and digital integration make this redesign a leap forward. What makes this a “human” store is its immersive displays, including a staged nursery, ... Read more

Situ Live: Retail… Storytelling… Reimagined.

Situ Live: Retail… Storytelling… Reimagined. Report banner featuring storefront of Situ Live store
Located in Innovation Alley in Westfield London, sits Situ Live – an immersive showroom that opened in October 2021. Situ is not a traditional store with shelves of inventory for immediate purchase. It is a showroom, where discovering and interacting with products comes first – and shopping comes later. Purchases are powered by QR codes ... Read more

Hema Supermarket

Hema Supermarket Report Banner featuring customer scanning QR code on product packaging
In 2016, Alibaba, China’s largest online commerce company, opened Hema, a high-tech Chinese supermarket powered by a shopper’s smartphone. Hema (Freshippo) is part of Alibaba’s new retail strategy that integrates online, offline, logistics, and data to improve the shopping experience. With an aggressive plan to expand its locations to 2,000 in 2022, Hema offers a ... Read more

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