The Trend Predictor: Wendy Liebmann by Fragrance Foundation

The Trend Predictor: Wendy Liebmann blog banner featuring image of Wendy Liebmann talking at a panel
Fragrance Foundation Accords | December 12, 2019 Wendy Liebmann knows what you’re going to buy before you do. She also knows why, and where you’re going to shop for it. The Australian-born founder of WSL Strategic Retail has been conducting research and reading the tea leaves about consumer habits for more than two decades, helping ... Read more

Millie Bobby Brown Meets ‘Idol’ at the WWD Beauty Inc Awards

Millie Bobby Brown Meets ‘Idol’ at the WWD Beauty Inc Awards blog banner featuring Paris Hilton, Millie Bobby Brown
By Emily Dougherty, October 21, 2022 ||  BeautyInc. -  A Publication of WWD Women over the age of 50 have been routinely ignored by marketers for decades. Now, though, healthier and wealthier than any generation of women before them, Gen X is coming resolutely into focus. As American women age, they start feeling invisible and undervalued. This ... Read more

Beauty & Wellness With Purpose: Shoppers Expect It, How Do You Bring It?

Beauty & Wellness With Purpose blog banner featuring hand with floating beauty product icon above it and sustainability icons in background
More shoppers are demanding beauty and wellness products that are clean, environmentally safe and serve a global purpose. Yet getting such products on the shelf can be a Herculean task for the many startups creating them. In Chicago this October, we’re offering an opportunity to change that. A growing number of women are willing to ... Read more

WSL Reports on The Great Makeup Crash of 2019

WSL Reports on The Great Makeup Crash of 2019 blog banner featuring closeup of lipstick display in store
Business of Fashion — BY RACHEL STRUGATZ, SEPTEMBER 13, 2019 Many of the largest cosmetics brands are seeing US sales drop as new rivals enter the market even as consumers spend less on makeup. NEW YORK, United States — Beauty brands are good at generating hype. Nars just celebrated its 25th anniversary with a splashy release of 75 ... Read more

Gen Z is Already Telling You How They are Changing Wellness. Get Ahead!

Blog banner featuring jogger tying their shoelace, green smoothie next to them, and floating percentages
It will be five years before retailers and brands experience the full economic force of Gen Z, but already this group of shoppers is dropping hints of how things are going to change. And a lot of that change involves their perceptions of wellness. Here’s a heads-up, from our How America Shops® research. Gen Z ... Read more

WSL Reports Injecting Beauty Into Wellness

Blog banner featuring woman smiling with jarred beauty product in her hand and several other products around her in the background
If beauty companies want to meet one of the most important players in consumer healthcare today, they should look in the mirror – they are it! Women have decided that their beauty is part of their growing wellness and self-care. Disruptive beauty companies know this and have figured out how to become part of the ... Read more

The WSL List: Retailers That Stand Out, For Better & Worse

Blog banner featuring collage of many WSL examples of retailers going above and beyond
It’s that time of year when we look back over the past 12 months and assess the retail winners, losers and those in between. This year’s WSL List includes not only big brand names, but it also identifies five themes that inform what we call Shopping Life®. Here’s a sneak peek. Welcome to 2019, when ... Read more

Will Beauty’s Sale Mode Mimic Apparel’s Discounting Spiral?

Blog banner featuring close up on lipstick display with 15% discount sign
By Allison Collins // WWD, August 15, 2018 Prestige beauty is on the edge of a discounting spiral. “It’s finally coming to cosmetics, what’s happened in apparel and ready-to-wear and home,” said Barbara Zinn Moore, president of Barbara Zinn Moore Associates, a retail and beauty consulting firm, and the former vice president of cosmetics at Lord & ... Read more

9 Tips For Mastering The In-Store Experience

Blog banner featuring pharmacist and customer looking at shelves
By Sarah Brown // Business of Fashion, August 08, 2018 Retail may be in flux, but beauty customers are still buying big at physical stores. Sarah Brown examines how beauty's savviest brands keep shoppers shopping. New York, United States - Earlier this summer as I was packing - at midnight, predictably - for a 7 am flight ... Read more

Gen Z Finds Its Own Unique Path to Purchase

Blog banner featuring woman holding drink while looking at store jewelry
Sometimes it’s a new path, sometimes it’s an old one. Here’s a very personal, Gen Z, view of shopping that underscores how fresh and new even long-term retail practices are to young consumers. Retailers that do not see their shopping experience through young eyes risk losing relevance, and growth opportunities. Meet Kaci, WSL’s summer intern ... Read more

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