Channels are Dead: Meet Retail’s New Agnostic Shoppers

Blog banner featuring tiled image of woman looking at shelves with colorful overlay
Never mind Walmart and Amazon; today’s leading retail competitor might be Any Banner, Anywhere. Most shoppers will buy whatever they need when they need it, wherever they are, thanks to a proliferation of places to shop and products to buy. Here’s how retailers and manufacturers can recalibrate their strategies to capture today’s channel-agnostic shopper. Is ... Read more

Why are 50-plus Women Feeling Ignored in Advertisements?

Blog banner featuring three middle aged women walking with shopping bags and ice cream cones
Nearly 66 million American women are in their 50s and 60s, and many of them make annual incomes of at least $100,000. Yet many feel ignored, because so much attention is still paid to the young. Yes, certainly retailers and brands should cater to Millennials, but they also should recognize the spending strength of older ... Read more

Amazon Hasn’t Destroyed Retail
It’s Created Super Merchants

Blog banner featuring family dressed as superheroes with speech bubbles with retailer logos surrounding them
Not so long ago, resilient retailers were learning how to compete against Walmart. Today, a new generation of what we call Super Merchants – durable mainstays and sprightly startups – are learning how to successfully compete against Amazon. Here’s who’s getting it right, and how. The latest retail revolution is over and we have the ... Read more

Will Beauty’s Sale Mode Mimic Apparel’s Discounting Spiral?

Blog banner featuring close up on lipstick display with 15% discount sign
By Allison Collins // WWD, August 15, 2018 Prestige beauty is on the edge of a discounting spiral. “It’s finally coming to cosmetics, what’s happened in apparel and ready-to-wear and home,” said Barbara Zinn Moore, president of Barbara Zinn Moore Associates, a retail and beauty consulting firm, and the former vice president of cosmetics at Lord & ... Read more

9 Tips For Mastering The In-Store Experience

Blog banner featuring pharmacist and customer looking at shelves
By Sarah Brown // Business of Fashion, August 08, 2018 Retail may be in flux, but beauty customers are still buying big at physical stores. Sarah Brown examines how beauty's savviest brands keep shoppers shopping. New York, United States - Earlier this summer as I was packing - at midnight, predictably - for a 7 am flight ... Read more

Gen Z Finds Its Own Unique Path to Purchase

Blog banner featuring woman holding drink while looking at store jewelry
Sometimes it’s a new path, sometimes it’s an old one. Here’s a very personal, Gen Z, view of shopping that underscores how fresh and new even long-term retail practices are to young consumers. Retailers that do not see their shopping experience through young eyes risk losing relevance, and growth opportunities. Meet Kaci, WSL’s summer intern ... Read more

How Instagram and a New Zeitgeist Are Driving Skin Care’s Growth

Blog banner featuring closeup of young black woman touching her face in the mirror
By Peter Born // WWD, July 23 2018 The skin-care race is revving up. The category’s rally, which got rolling roughly 18 months ago, is steadily gaining momentum. Sales of prestige treatment products are running 14 percent ahead in the U.S. for the latest 12-month period, ended in May, according to the NPD Group’s total measured market. ... Read more

Sephora CEO Hunt Highlights Beauty’s Radical Evolution

Blog banner featuring storefront entrance of Sephora
By Allison Collins // WWD, July 26 2018 The departure of former president and chief executive officer of Sephora North America Calvin McDonald leaves Sephora with a big hole to fill. McDonald, who has led Sephora through beauty’s digital revolution, is leaving the business after five years to take the ceo role at Lululemon. McDonald led the charge ... Read more

The Store Still Matters to Consumers Along with Digital

Blog banner featuring man and woman looking up thoughtfully with through bubbles around them
In our latest shopper study, “Benchmarking The Future”, what is evident is this: over the last decade, we’ve digitized, we’ve “omnied”, we’ve “niched” and we’ve socialized.  It has been important to do that.  Many shoppers do want digital tools and omni-channel access, and new ways of connecting to each other, as well as new and ... Read more

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