Navigating the Beauty Aisle for Women of Color

Blog banner featuring store beauty aisle with diverse models
By Anne D'Innocenzio // AP News, June 12 2019 Black and other darker-skinned women had long struggled to find makeup that matched or complemented their skin. But a widening array of products is showing up at mainstream retailers with an eye toward the multicultural consumer. A big game changer was Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty collection, which was launched two ... Read more

Driving Consumers to Stores

Blog banner featuring close up of blonde woman looking at makeup display in store
Beauty Insight // January 22, 2019 // Issue 189 WSL Strategic Retail CEO & chief shopper Wendy Liebmann:  “Shoppers go to physical stores for a variety of reasons. ‘I want it now’, because [the product has] run out or because they saw it on Instagram, is still a viable reason to go to the store ... Read more

WSL Reports Beauty Mega Brand Gets New CEO

Blog banner featuring Sephora storefront
By Jenny B. Fine // January 9, 2019 - WWD Jean-André Rougeot comes from Benefit Cosmetics, where he drove sales to more than $1.5 billion. As chief executive officer of Benefit Cosmetics, Jean-André Rougeot helped propel the brand from a hero-product based business to a full-fledged line with over $1.5 billion in sales. Now the newly ... Read more

Startups Reinvent the Sheet-Buying Experience

Blog banner featuring Boll & Branch storefront
By ANNE D'INNOCENZIO // New York AP, January 2, 2019 A new year calls for sparkly new sheets. But shoppers looking for high-quality linens without hurting their budget may want to skip the so-called white sales at mass retailers. A new cast of startups, including Parachute, Brooklinen, and Boll & Branch, are cutting out middlemen ... Read more

9 Off-The-Radar Retail Predictions For 2019

Blog banner featuring back of woman's head as she looks at 50% off sale sign on window
By Brian Pearson // Forbes, December 12, 2018 So much of retail is a gimmick. Just ask 2018. Massive sums are invested in immersive experiences that quickly lose their spark and in digital features that fail to make the experience easier. So more than 5,000 stores closed in 2018. In their valid bids to wow shoppers, many ... Read more

Will Beauty’s Sale Mode Mimic Apparel’s Discounting Spiral?

Blog banner featuring close up on lipstick display with 15% discount sign
By Allison Collins // WWD, August 15, 2018 Prestige beauty is on the edge of a discounting spiral. “It’s finally coming to cosmetics, what’s happened in apparel and ready-to-wear and home,” said Barbara Zinn Moore, president of Barbara Zinn Moore Associates, a retail and beauty consulting firm, and the former vice president of cosmetics at Lord & ... Read more

9 Tips For Mastering The In-Store Experience

Blog banner featuring pharmacist and customer looking at shelves
By Sarah Brown // Business of Fashion, August 08, 2018 Retail may be in flux, but beauty customers are still buying big at physical stores. Sarah Brown examines how beauty's savviest brands keep shoppers shopping. New York, United States - Earlier this summer as I was packing - at midnight, predictably - for a 7 am flight ... Read more

How Instagram and a New Zeitgeist Are Driving Skin Care’s Growth

Blog banner featuring closeup of young black woman touching her face in the mirror
By Peter Born // WWD, July 23 2018 The skin-care race is revving up. The category’s rally, which got rolling roughly 18 months ago, is steadily gaining momentum. Sales of prestige treatment products are running 14 percent ahead in the U.S. for the latest 12-month period, ended in May, according to the NPD Group’s total measured market. ... Read more

Sephora CEO Hunt Highlights Beauty’s Radical Evolution

Blog banner featuring storefront entrance of Sephora
By Allison Collins // WWD, July 26 2018 The departure of former president and chief executive officer of Sephora North America Calvin McDonald leaves Sephora with a big hole to fill. McDonald, who has led Sephora through beauty’s digital revolution, is leaving the business after five years to take the ceo role at Lululemon. McDonald led the charge ... Read more

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