If You Can’t Make It Cheaper, Then How About Easier?

Blog banner featuring woman getting employee assistance at self checkout
More than eight in 10 shoppers prioritize price over convenience when choosing where to shop, our How America Shops® research shows. So how do they choose where to shop when prices are high everywhere? Ease could provide that competitive advantage, but shoppers tell us retailers have to get better at it. When All Prices Are ... Read more

Walmart, Target and Kohl’s Take on Amazon Prime Deal Days

Blog banner featuring Amazon Prime box next to Walmart, Target, and Kohl's logos
When Amazon Prime announced its 48-hour sales extravaganza, called Big Deal Days, which begins six weeks before Black Friday, several retailers including Walmart, Kohl’s and Best Buy were quick to launch their own competing events. Here’s what these super-early holiday efforts have in common, based on our own Retail Safari® exploration of extending holiday seasons. ... Read more

Is Physical Retail Losing Out On Health for Women?

Health for Women blog banner featuring older women browsing in store and online feminine products
Retailers, are you talking to your customers about sexual health, menopause and menstruation? More women expect to find products to manage the symptoms of these conditions in the store, thanks to online brands dedicated to formerly “taboo” women’s health topics. The trick for retailers and brands is learning where to place and how to market ... Read more

Destination: Innovation. 4 Retail-Shaking Store Concepts

Banner featuring Ulta x Target, RiteAid, Mecca, and Nordstrom stores and their customer star ratings
Sure, more shoppers are going back to stores, but which ones, and for what reasons? Now that tech has irreversibly changed the shopping trip, retailers have to anticipate a future when consumers find stores less important. These innovative approaches, discovered by our WSL Retail Safari® scouts, are turning stores into destinations.  It’s Time for Retailers ... Read more

New Shopper Habits are Forcing Stores to Change The Space

Collage of new shopper habits, including curbside and in-store pickup and retail pharmacy
Guess what? Shoppers grew to really like those quicker trips during the pandemic, and that’s forcing all retailers to rethink the space in their brick stores. We explored some ways retailers are reinventing their space to accommodate customers who have changed their focus, and our research hints at where it’s heading. Stores Are Luring Shoppers ... Read more

WSL Dives Into Gen Z: The Categories & Retailers They Shop

Two Gen Z teens having fun rolling around in a shopping cart - banner
Retailers and brands know a lot about how Gen Z shops, generally, but what about the ways they prioritize certain categories over others? From WSL report, “Gen Z: The Next Shopper Revolution,” here are a few category insights that surprised us.  What Does Gen Z Want More, Enhanced Water or Yogurt? We’ve all been studying ... Read more

Walking the Talk of Inclusion

Rainbow colored people silhouettes behind circular images of inclusive retail examples - banner
Shoppers want to feel welcomed everywhere, and retail is not excluded. More consumers support brands that promote equality – and the louder, the better. WSL’s experts share their firsthand examples of brands and retailers doing just that, including Unilever, M.A.C and Trader Joe’s. Shoppers are Equality Activists. How is Retail Reacting? Those retailers and brands ... Read more

Holiday Sales Look Bullish
– But Retailers Should Be Worried

Blog banner featuring glowing rate your experience text and five stars with woman holding shopping bags in the background
By Emily Dougherty, October 21, 2022 ||  BeautyInc. -  A Publication of WWD Women over the age of 50 have been routinely ignored by marketers for decades. Now, though, healthier and wealthier than any generation of women before them, Gen X is coming resolutely into focus. As American women age, they start feeling invisible and undervalued. This ... Read more

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